"Miracle" Brings Back Memories For Local Hockey Fans

"Miracle" captures one of the greatest moments in sports history.

In 1980, U.S. ice hockey coach Herb Brooks challenged a group of college kids to take on the Soviet Union - the greatest hockey team in the world.

Despite the odds, Team USA rose to the occasion on the ice in the Olympic Games with the world watching.

Many of those same viewers gathered at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum to watch the Mississippi SeaWolves take the Greensboro Generals to war.

"I just remember it was a thrilling game.We were listening to it on the radio and it was awesome. I think I was just as thrilled as the guys were thrilled. I think we were just as shocked as they were," said Betty Jeffrey.

"I remember when one player put the flag around him and the goal tender put the flag around him and they just skated all over the ice. It was just great," said Al and Sally Vance.

"We won, and weren't expected to win. And after that we won another game and won Gold Cup," said Barry Root.

"Nobody expected them to win. They were the underdog, and it was just awesome to watch them come back and just surprise everybody. They were the underdog. It was just awesome. A great game.When our SeaWolves won the Kelly Cup, that brought memories back to them, to the U.S. Olympics. To me, the Kelly Cup is like the Stanley Cup. I mean it's awesome to watch your home team win," said Maria Ladner.

And many of these fans plan to relive that precious moment 24 years ago in theatres throughout the coast.

"I love this game," said Christine Roberts.

"Miracle" is showing at theatres throughout South Mississippi.

This Disney film is rated PG.