Asian Entertainment Draws Big Crowds At Coast Casinos

Popular Vietnamese singers and dancers have performed in Australia, Paris, Canada and other parts of the United States. Many of those Vietnamese stars will also hit the stage in Biloxi.

Corey Tang is the Beau Rivage International Marketing Director.

"We got in about 30 singers, comedians, and possibly one from Viet Nam, coming here to do a show. We're expecting about 3,000 people."

Beau Rivage hosts one big show a year. Tickets are hot items, especially the $100.00 ones. The performances draw Vietnamese guests from as far away as California, Chicago, and Virginia.

"It's a destination for people to go out and have a good time, young or old."

Jeanne Arney is an entertainment promoter. She helps bring in similar Asian shows to four other casinos along the Coast.

"The Vietnamese, they enjoy them. They work hard. They want to see the show, and they enjoy dancing."

The popularity of Asian shows is also a big plus for Coast casinos. They're hoping that those who come for the entertainment, will also stay and play the games.

"The mom, the dad, grandma, the kids can go to the show, and after the show, the kids can go to bed and the moms and dads can go down and gamble," Tang said.

Promoters call it a win-win situation for casinos that want to attract more business and for people who enjoy a variety of cultural entertainment.

Ticket prices for the shows can range from $15.00 to $100.00 each.