Proscuitto Wrapped Seabass w/ Petite Vegetables and Lobster Reduction

Proscuitto Wrapped Seabass, Petite Vegetables, Lobster Reduction

Serves 4




4        6oz Sea Bass Fillets

4          Thin slices of Parma Ham

7oz Fingerling Potatoes Blanched

7oz   Mixed Petite vegetables Pre Blanched

6oz    Lobster Stock

1oz    Unsalted Butter

1 oz    Olive Oil

           Salt, Pepper to Taste






1.      Season Sea Bass With Salt And Pepper

2.      Pre Heat SautĂ© Pan With Olive Oil

3.      Sear Fish On All Sides Until a Golden Color Is Achieved

4.      Wrap Fish With Proscuitto Bake in a Pre Heated 400 Degree Oven For 15 Minutes Or Until Fish Is Cooked Through

5.      Bring Lobster Stock To A Boil Add Butter Slowly And Whisk Rapidly

6.      Add All Potatoes and Vegetables To Sauce Heat and Serve Immediately