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Barbour calls for an honest budget


Gov. Haley Barbour wrapped up a series of speeches focusing on moving Mississippi forward by focusing on responsible budgeting.

"I know there's nothing sexy talking about the budget," said Barbour. "I got to tell you, so much of what happens in Mississippi goes back to the budget: what we can spend in our schools, how we can borrow money, whether we can borrow money, what kind of institutions we have."

Barbour's message comes just days after the legislative budget committee released its budget plans.  He said above all there is a need for honesty in the budget.

"It's important that people remember that budgets need to be transparent, honest, truthful," Barbour explained.  "That they shouldn't hide things.  That they shouldn't deliberately tell them that they need to spend less on something when they know that they aren't going to spend that little."

The governor used the recently released Public Employment Retirement System study as a prime example of honest budgeting.  The program is under-funded, and a PERS committee suggested several ways to cut costs and better prepare.  

In all of his speeches, Barbour has kept a theme of returning to American values.  This speech was no different.

"If we have people who have intact families, and are committed to those families;  if we have people who go to church, have the values of work, faith, prudence, the results will just be better," said Barbour.

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