Local ATM Provider Celebrates Milestone

Ten years of hard work in financial products has paid off in the introduction of the 100-thousandth ATM unit, which is much more than small change for the Triton company.

"When we built the first ATM in Long Beach here, we had no idea that it would ever be anything more than just a few thousand units at most. But over the decade that we've been in business we've managed to ship ATMs all over the U.S. and into some 13 countries outside the U.S.," said Triton president Ernest Burdette.

"Triton is a tremendous asset to the citizens in Long Beach as well as Harrison County. It's a high tech industry very committed to success and we're very proud of them," said Harrison County District 3 supervisor Marlin Ladner.

Triton actually began in 1981, specializing in mostly electronic technology and software. The owners saw a need to support government and commercial organizations along the Gulf Coast.

In 1994, the company earned its big break.

"We got into the financial products business when Hancock Bank came to us with a need for a trainer for their ATMs, which we built for them and marketed worldwide actually after that," said Burdette.

So 100-thousand means more than just another machine to Burdette and more than 300 employees of Triton.

It represents momentum, putting South Mississippi on the world map of success.

If you're wondering where the 100-thousandth Triton ATM machine will be located, you have to wait until the end of April.

That's when a drawing will be held at a conference to determine the lucky location.