Students Teaching Students How To Save Lives

A new program at Ocean Springs High School is teaching students valuable life saving skills. Students attend a three day course at the E.H. Keys Technical Center where they learn how to perform CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver and other techniques. One thing that makes this program different from most others is the fact that the students are actually the teachers.

Last week twelve students completed a three day course taught by nurses from Singing River Hospital.

"When were going through the written tests these kids were remarkable," Singing River Hospital nursing instructor Tammy Lowe said. "They did not miss a lick. They had these skills down pat."

In fact, the students did so well they were certified as instructors. That makes them the youngest on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

For their first assignment, they had to teach 60 of their classmates the same skills they learned last week.

"Just knowing that I taught people how to do CPR, and that maybe one day they could apply it in the real world, it really is a good feeling," student instructor Reggie Reyes said.

"I know one day these people will be able to go off and help another person and save their life, if needed," student instructor Robbin Howard said.

The students say it is important that they continue teaching these basic life saving skills.

"Every day life threatening situations happen, and if you don't know what to do that person could die," Reyes said.

The students say they plan to teach as many of their fellow students the techniques they have learned. One of the teachers at the Keys Technical Center says they plan to have the students teach a group of 100 classmates some time in the near future.

by Josh Ridgdell