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Police: Three seized dogs had to be put down


Biloxi police have confirmed three of the seized dogs from property on Hudson-Krohn Road had to be put down.  Investigators also tell us they're still looking for the property owner, and for the people responsible for the 26 pit bulls chained-up behind two vacant mobile homes.

Right now, 19 pit bulls are being cared for at the Harrison County Farm. Biloxi Animal Control officers are giving them food, water and walking them. The three dogs were put down because of their injuries. Two are under the care of a vet. 

Biloxi police found the dogs Tuesday and believe the animals were being bred and used for dog fighting.  But, the Humane Society of South Mississippi couldn't take in that many dogs right now.  A fire had just ignited inside the Gulfport shelter.  And no animals were being accepted there until clean up work was done.

Luckily, finding a place to house the pit bulls took one call to the sheriff.

Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara said, "We're fortunate that when we built the county farm and built the facilities out there, working with the humane society, we made it to where we in emergencies like this, that we would be able to house some of the animals out there."

The pit bulls seized from a unknown land owner are being kept at the Harrison County Farm until their fates are decided.  Sheriff Brisolara is glad to be able to help, otherwise there would have been nowhere for these dogs and puppies who were possibly bred for fighting, to be kept.

He said, "We can't sit here and expect the humane society to be able to take in a large number of dogs all at once."

And it is especially challenging right now at the Gulfport animal shelter since a small Monday night fire.  HSSM's Executive Director Tara High said, "We really don't know what our status is back at the shelter we know we have damage, we have smoke damage, we still have to wait for the assessors and contractors to see what's going to need to be done to get us back to normal."

A complaint about barking dogs is what led investigators to find the pit bulls. Many had huge chains around their necks with bite marks.

For Tara High, it's infuriating. "It's very tragic, you can see the effects of this crime on lives on living beings and it not only effects the animals but the citizens of Biloxi will be safer once the people that were responsible for this are removed from the community."

The sheriff who sees violent offenders every day, says crimes against defenseless animals really raises a red flag.

"I'm just a firm believer, anybody who injures animals will do worse to a human being and I think there are statistics out there that show that.

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