Stone County Play Targets Teen Troubles

Stone County High teenagers play many roles in their lives. Now, they're tackling a very different role. This time, it's on stage with a play called "Voices".

"We're taking off all the stereotypes in this play. We're shedding a lot of barriers in this play. It's raw. It's out in your face," Cast member Jordan Davis said.

The school Drama Club took charge of the production, from choosing the music to writing the script. They wrote from the heart, expressing their feelings and personal struggles.

Rebekkah Jones helped write the script.

"We wrote about not feeling accepted, regret, having to feel like you yourself can be who you are. In one scene, I put my journal entry in. The monologue is about just trying to live for what you are."

The play touches on other teen topics like bullying, making choices, even sex and drugs.

"A lot of people have this image in their minds. Because people see these happy teenagers, but we're not all happy. We're sad, we're happy, we're depressed, we're mad," Jordan said.

Cast members hope other teens will see themselves in one of the scenes, and know that they're not alone.

Stone High Junior Brittney Dedeaux watched the play.

"It's great. It hits all areas of every teenager's life. Whatever teenager goes through, and it made me realize that I'm not the only one going through these things."

Members of the Stone High Drama Club put on six shows at the school this week. They plan to take the show on the road.
If you'd like them to perform at your high school, just call (601) 928-5492.