Little Dog Has Big Dreams At Westminster

Last minute grooming to guarantee he looks his absolute best, and a workout on the doggie treadmill, is how Talon is spending his last few days before the big two day show at Madison Square Garden. Then it's off for a run on the agility course at owner Sandra Bethea's McHenry home.

"Monday we compete," she says.

The competition will be strong. There are a lot of Bedlingtons.

"There's 21 that have entered and will be showing, from across the country and out of the country."

After winning five previous shows around the country, Talon holds the number one spot in his breed. Not just any old pooch can strut its stuff on the arena floor. The dogs compete by invitation only.

"I don't think of being among the best, but it is pretty to look at every dog you see. It's just gorgeous... We just go there and try to do our best, but any time you see a dog there, it's just top of the line."

Westminster is old hat for Sandra. She has shown Bedlingtons five times before, including both of Talon's parents. She's won four times.

"I hope that we have a lot of fun, basically. I hope he wins, but I hope he adjusts to the busy city and I hope we just have a good time."

Bringing home the Best in Show trophy would be a dream come true. But in Sandra's eyes, her Talon is already a winner, as are all the dogs that shine at Westminster.

Talon is also a registered pet therapy dog. He will visit a New York City hospital Saturday. He will be among 2500 canines showing at Westminster next week, all vying for the Best In Show trophy.