CTA Ready To Build Biloxi Depot

Biloxi's Greyhound bus station has been at the corner of Main Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard since 1947. According to Coast Transit Authority's executive director, Greyhound is considering a plan to relocate its Biloxi bus terminal into a new CTA complex, at the other end of the loop.

"Their passengers would work out of our building," Kevin Coggin said. "They would share some space and waiting area, real nice, heated and cooled waiting area, secured waiting area. And they would have their ticket and baggage handling offices in our building."

CTA's new building is the empty Biloxi Transfer and Storage facility on Reynoir. In about three months, work will begin to renovate the cement structure.

"We're hoping to just compliment the existing architecture downtown in the Vieux Marche area," Coggin said.

At the same time, a metal building next door will be torn down. That will create 85 additional parking spaces in downtown Biloxi.

"We're going to start out with surface parking," Coggin said. "And we're going to move our hub out of the lighthouse, into downtown Biloxi. And we hope that's going to stimulate some economic development in downtown Biloxi."

Coggin said there is a plan to eventually add a parking garage to CTA's downtown Biloxi site. But that won't happen until long after CTA buses move to Reynoir Street, and Greyhound buses potentially park next to them.

There could be a third member of this transportation depot. Coggin has talked with Amtrak. The Biloxi train depot could be relocated a few hundred feet east, so it's right across the street from the new bus terminal.

The bus terminal should open in a year.