Parents Speak Out On Child's Abduction

"I'm just glad she's coming home. Mama misses her so much," Charlotte Slater says.

Ever since she and the child's father, Bill Propps, reported their 22-month-old daughter missing on Tuesday, their lives have been in turmoil. Both say they are glad the trying ordeal will soon be over.

"When I found out, I just dropped to my knees and just started praying and thanking God for what He has done for us," Bill Propps says.

The last time the Bill and Charlotte saw Emily was at the Gulf Island camp grounds. It was there they let a couple they knew only for few days take their daughter to dinner.

"I've been kicking myself in the butt every since," Bill Propps says. "I've learned from my mistake and it will never ever happen again because she's going to be by our sides."

Both parents now believe they were set up by the McCulley's from the beginning, and Emily was the target.

"We thought we would become friends," Charlotte says of the child's abductors. "I think they probably planned this thing, because they always kept saying she was their daughter, their daughter, and she's not. She's our daughter."

Authorities say little Emily could be back in Mississippi as early as Sunday. But for now, Bill says he and Charlotte will continue to rely on each other to get through this ordeal.

"Just knowing our daughter has been found and she is safe and she is coming home, that's all that really matters to me and her momma right now."