Conflicting Accounts Surfacing On Child's Kidnapping

New conflicting details came forward Saturday, just one day after 22 month old Emily Propps was found at a truck stop in Houston, Texas.

The child's parents, William Propps and Charlotte Slater, told police on Tuesday that they allowed 21 year old Ulanda Kay McCulley and 32 year old Brian McCulley to take their daughter to dinner, but that they never returned.

But now, FBI investigators in Texas says the Propps family could also face charges for loaning Emily to the McCulley family to help beg for money.

"How the case will unfold, what charges will be handed down on the McCulley's and possibly on Emily's parents even in the way they handle their children, we'll look at that," FBI Agent Brian Loader says. "But the best part of the story is we have the safe return of the child."

FBI officials on the coast and the Ocean Springs Police department say they have no knowledge of any charges being considered against Emily's parents.