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Pizza Delivery Does Big Business On Super Bowl Sunday

Many of you watching the Super Bowl probably had your fill of both football and pizza.

Super Sunday is the biggest pizza-sales day of the year for most chains, including Domino's.

As the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots pile up during plays on the football field, pizza parlor workers are stacking the toppings up high.

"We get very busy, especially before the game, and right at half time." said local Domino's Pizza owner Glenn Mueller.

The Domino's chain alone will sell about 1.2 million pizzas this Super Bowl Sunday. Local stores like this one will see an increase of sales of about 30 to 40-percent.

"This store will deliver over a hundred different pizzas in an hour to our customers so it gets pretty busy." Mueller said. "People to love to watch the Super Bowl, obviously, so we're delivering to the number one eating place in America, which is people's homes."

Frank Ellis ordered pizza for his family on Sunday so they could watch the game without much distraction.

"Just the easy quick meal, you know. You get it delivered right away, and it's ready to go." Ellis said.

As the game wears on, the teams aren't the only ones who can score big, the tips can pile up into the double and triple digits.

"They're usually a lot better any time we have a big event. Since this is one of the biggest events of the year. Hopefully we'll make a lot of money tonight." said Domino's delivery man Eddie Fiveash.

You never know when there's going to be an upset during a Super Bowl game, but pizza seems to be a sure-bet every year.

by  Toni Miles

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