Artist Series Features Local Sax Chamber Orchestra

"Adolph Sax had his own idea of sound in mind, and it's that intention or goal I should say, of this orchestra to emulate that in the present day," said conductor Lawrence Gwozdz.

And more than 150 years later, Adolph Sax's goals have been met in the form of 14 students known as the Sax Chamber Orchestra.

The group was the featured guest as part of an artist series sponsored by St. Peter's by the Sea Episcopal Church.

"We're delighted to have them. We feel like we have formed a relationship with USM and it's a very good relationship. It's very good for us, and we think for the community as well.We feel, as so many people do and so many churches do, the arts are part of certainly what God gave us, the very gifts that God gave us and we'd like to offer those to our community as an outreach program," said series coordinator Maria Watson.

Sunday's concert was a melody of Bach, Handel, and Lacour.

It also featured the world premiere of "Divertimento" - a light-hearted piece composed especially for the Sax Chamber Orchestra by Michael Young.

"I was inspired to write for the school because I heard their CD for the first time last summer, and I was blown away. It is absolutely wonderful. The quality of the playing is professional. I couldn't believe these were students. And the saxophone chamber orchestra is a very unique sound. Very wonderful sound. They have so many gallants of emotions, ranges, and everything. It's just a very wonderful sound," said Young.

If you enjoyed those sounds, get out your calendars.

The next event will be on April fourth, which is Palm Sunday. St. Peter's By The Sea will present "Cathedral Even Song" featuring the music of Mobile artists Musica Sacra.