Jackson Prepares For Glory Of Baroque Dresden Exhibit

A little bit of Germany is arriving in Mississippi, one piece of artwork at a time.

In about a month, our state will become home to the German art exhibit, the Glory of Baroque Dresden. But before the timeless treasures gets here, a lot of dirty work must be done.

Everything is precise, from the colors of the walls, to where the pictures will be hung. There even must be the proper climate in each room.

"Our humidity level is not at the level that we require, so we have halted taking any of the artwork out at the gallery which is not at the humidity we need," Exhibit Director Jack Kyle said.

Kyle had a large hand in bringing this and every other exhibition to Mississippi in recent years. He's getting a lot of help from workers here, across the United States, and even some people from Dresden.

"The role that the conservators play is to assist with the unpacking of the artwork, to write a condition report to determine there was no damage to the artwork during its shipment, and they supervise the entire installation process."

Things are slowly coming together. Earlier this week, artwork was installed on one of the room's ceilings. Kyle says there is a method to this madness.

"You can't have a very disorderly environment here. Things have to be tightly controlled."

Kyle says the efforts of many will pay off when the exhibit opens March 1st.

by Davis Brister