Windjammer Stuck Between A Beau & A Hard Rock

If you look through a bunch of weeds, you can see the Windjammer condominium building. That's where Tommy Newman owns three units.

"When Hard Rock purchased the property, they did get over and cut it and all, but it's still an eyesore," he said. "It's mainly because you can't take a piece of property like that and make it pretty overnight."

Gold Shore once floated a casino at the edge of the downtown Biloxi location. Now, Hard Rock controls the land. Over the next 18 months, it will replace concrete cave-ins and wild weeds with a multi-faceted resort, right next door to the Windjammer.

Newman is president of the Windjammer Condominium Association.

"The association feels that it's going to be good for the neighborhood," he said.

Once upon a time, Windjammer was the tallest building on the waterfront. Now, it's dwarfed by Beau Rivage. And it's about to be sandwiched by Beau and Hard Rock. Balcony views to the east or west will disappear.

To accommodate its new neighbors, Hard Rock has made noise and traffic concessions that Windjammer tenants can accept.

"As time goes, I'm sure we'll get concerns here and there," he said. "But they've always been willing to come to us immediately when we call them and tell them we've got a concern."

Back when Gold Shore had a casino here, executives offered Windjammer owners an opportunity to sell their units. Nobody did. Hard Rock has not made a similar offer.