Satellite Radio Not Yet A Threat To Local Radio

Satellite radio sales are soaring to new heights while catering to the needs of listeners nationwide, including here in South Mississippi.

Hoopers Electronics manager Jason McNeely says people are looking for something different.

"They're looking for the non-stop music. They're looking for no commercials. A lot of people hate all of the commercials on the radio. And they're looking to keep it slick," said McNeely.

The radios offer up to 120 variety-filled stations, and the quality remains the same from coast to coast and even to Canada.

Over the Christmas holiday, the guys here at Hooper's Electronics say they sold about fifteen satellite radios.

They say those new customers, as well as the one million subscribers throughout the nation want to hear what they want, when they want, commercial-free.

But if you think these new satellite radios have local radio stations running scared, think again.

"There's a lot of opportunities for people to get music elsewhere, so why do they come to our radio stations? I think it's because we develop personalities, we keep them - personalities of the station- that the people relate to.I think we decide what we're going to play here all local, as far as the music stations are concerned and everything surrounding the music is all local. So we know that is the important ingredient that we have to maintain if we're going to be competitive into the future," said Mississippi Media of Triad Broadcasting Radio Group general manager Buddy Burch.

The automobile industry is getting in on the satellite action. New car buyers can sign up for a satellite radio as well as the service when they buy a new car.

The monthly fee ranges from 9 to 15 dollars.