Army Soldier Given Top Military Honors

It's a story of heroism, achievement and unity. Sergeant Larry Wells earned the Bronze star for his accomplishments while serving in Iraq. It's one of the top honors given in the military. But his good news started at Christmas. After 10 months in Iraq, Wells' family is proud of what he's done for the country, but most of all they're glad he's finally home.

The Wells family will never forget this Christmas.

"I found out that they were going to be here Christmas, and then I just showed up on their step Christmas morning," said Sgt. Larry Wells.

As Sgt. Larry Wells arrived, he didn't know how his family would react.

"I rang my mother's doorbell," said Wells. "She came to the door. And she just started jumping up and down, screaming and hollering. She left me outside. She just ran back in here to tell my father that I was outside."

"All I could do is just holler and scream and cry," said Jeorgine Wells, Larry's mother. "And whenever I did, I said "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. My baby's home.'"

But the good news didn't stop there. Sgt. Wells was recently awarded the Bronze star for his achievements while serving in Iraq. He was in charge of building one of the largest bridges in the world.

"On Sadaam Husseins's birthday, we put in this bridge as something like a slap in the face for him saying 'Hey, you can't stop us. We're going to drive on and complete our mission.' And I was placed in charge of help build this bridge to get our soldiers across."

A bridge that eventually helped him get home.

And while Wells is home, his family is still waiting for more happy homecomings. Larry Wells' wife and daughter are in the Army, too, and they are still in Kuwait. "My daughter--she'll be home in March, and my wife--she'll be home sometime next month, and I just pray for their safe return," said Wells. A return that Wells and his family will cherish.

According to Gautier Army recruiters the Bronze Star was started in 1944. Since that time, only about 300 Bronze Star medals have been given in the U.S.