Biloxi Residents Want City To Fix Flooding Problem

Flooding isn't something new to South Mississippi, but people in one Biloxi neighborhood say they have a problem that's gotten out of hand. They say something needs to be done "now" to correct the flooding they've had for decades. Their drains are clogged with dirt and debris, and they say the city needs to do something to clean up the mess.

Calvin Cooper used to live at the corner of St. George and Miller streets before he moved in August.

Calvin and his wife found tenants to move into the house, but potential buyers are concerned about water drainage--a problem Cooper says has been ongoing for at least 8 years.

"When it rains, whenever we have a good rain, we get our own little lake out here. It's hard to get in the front door sometimes.We can't park here because the water is so deep," said Cooper.

Cooper says the ground under the house is wet most of the time, causing it to sink as well as to separate some of the bricks around the house's foundation.

Linda Seymour grew up across the street from the Cooper's home, and says her father had to constantly clean out the drains more than 40 years ago.

"We've always had the drainage problem and it never did drain even in previous years so its not anything new," said Seymour.

A few of the neighbors believe large tree roots as well as sloping streets contribute to the drainage problem.

But whatever the culprit, they believe it is the city's responsibility to help clean up the mess.

"The water is supposed to drain off in here and as you can see there's tons of dirt. It's compacted , I mean it's been here for a long time. We have a lot of elderly folks here that just can't get out here. They physically can't do it," said Stacy Lasister.

"I believe the city wants to help, but they're just kind of slow about doing it," said Cooper.

Calvin hopes the city hears their pleas for help, so his tenants can enjoy their new home.

The city sent a public works engineer to the neighborhood Friday morning to see if anything could be done to ease the flooding problem.

The engineer said he could clean the drains within the 2 to 3 weeks.