More Speed Bumps Coming To Ocean Springs

Speeders in one Ocean Springs neighborhood are about to face a few bumps in the road, designed to slow them down.

The board of aldermen has agreed to install speed bumps on General Pershing Avenue.

Speeding is an ongoing concern on General Pershing. The street includes a city park and soccer field. A traffic study by Gulf Regional Planning found the average speed is 42 miles an hour. But speeders will soon be facing speed humps, similar to those already at work on Iberville Drive.

"Speed bumps are working outstanding in all respects. They really are. Best money the city ever spent on city streets as far as I'm concerned," said Pete Sparkes, who's lived on Iberville for thirty years.

He says the devices lowered the average speed and reduced the volume of traffic. For years, his street was a popular, high speed shortcut.

"Now, a little different. It's a short cut with three good sized bumps. Which, if you hit them at the normal speed they'd drive through here, 45 or 50, you become airborne," he said.

Not everyone agrees with the effectiveness of the speed bumps on Iberville Drive. Two longtime residents told us too many drivers simply avoid the bumps by driving through the gaps.

Elizabeth Parlin says the speeding drivers, "pass right through".

Addie Stephens agrees. She says the speed bumps have slowed down some drivers. But many motorists run the gaps.

"I didn't know they was gonna leave them gaps in the middle," she said.  "They need to be higher and more of a bump."

Despite drivers running the gap, statistics show the humps are working on Iberville Drive. A traffic study found the average speed is now 19 miles an hour.

Ocean Springs alderman Matt McDonnell says plans call for three speed bumps in the neighborhood. Two will be on General Pershing and one on Shearwater Drive, just south of the bridge. McDonnell also says the new bumps will be installed so drivers won't be able to "run the gaps".