Salvation Army Employee Recognized

A viewer recently e mailed, to let us know about an employee at the Salvation Army in Gulfport. The man's name is Greg Lovekamp, and he is the resident manager.

The person who e mailed us, felt Lovekamp deserved some special recognition and we agreed. Greg Lovekamp supervises 60 to 70 people who typically stay there every night, but, he does so much more.

''If you need me, you can come knock on my door at three, I may not be real awake, but that is what you need, that is what I will do," he told WLOX News.

Greg's fellow employees at the Salvation Army marvel at the way he has been able to connect with people. Heather Fobar hired Greg about a year ago. She calls him a Godsend.

''We have received more thanks and cards from people, Greg has made a big difference in peoples lives, " Fobar said.

Greg understands how easy it is to end up on the streets. A little more than a year ago, he was one of the people living at the Salvation Army. Greg admits, he was hurting.

"I did not have much self worth, at that point, I moved here from another state and had absolutely no money."

Now, Greg Lovekamp has turned his life around, he credits his faith, and a lot of caring people. It's the same kind of thing, he wants the residents at the Salvation Army to understand.

''If my experiences help them to understand they can do better, that they can get out of this situation if they work hard enough at it, then it has all been worth it, " he said.

Greg calls the residents at the Salvation Army, his guests, and he insists it is all about instilling pride and respect. This is a man who loves his work, and plans on being here for a long time to come.

''This job is everything I thought it would be, and so much more, I love my work and I love the people who come here for help," he said.