Cowan Road Widening Work Making Progress

Concrete workers kept busy Monday pouring curbs and gutters on the Cowan Road widening project. The long awaited improvement is just a few weeks away from being finished.

Busy concrete crews formed curbs and gutters on Cowan Road just north of Highway 90. The concrete job prepares the way for paving on this section of widening work. Merchants look forward to the finished project. For many months, their customers have faced the added challenge of dodging orange barrels.

Terry Thompson is president of  School and Carnival Supplies.

"It is a little bit of a struggle. But we have two entrances out there. They might miss one, but they get the second one. Some people do call and ask us how to get in. We say you've got to come in, and go slow," he said.

School and Carnival enjoys a loyal customer base. Ollie Zanders teaches at West Elementary and shops there often. The construction interference is merely an inconvenience.

She looks forward to the road improvement being finished.

"Oh, I think it will be worth it. It will be fantastic. Whenever, they get it done," she said.

When the widening work will be finished has long been the question for merchants and motorists on busy Cowan Road. The latest projected completion date is by the end of next month.

"There's been times when the work coming through here has been an interference a little bit, but it hasn't been bad and we've been open on both ends. So, they have access to get in here," said store cashier, Linda Ralston.

Four lanes of traffic, plus a turn lane will sure beat the temporary driveways and turning between the barrels.

The widening work was supposed to be finished by last summer, but a dispute between a former contractor and the state delayed the project. Fore Construction terminated its contract with the state.