Bills Filed Repeatedly In The Mississippi Legislature

Here's a glance at some bills filed for the 2004 Mississippi legislative session that have been filed in previous years:

  • Driveway paving: Allow county supervisors to pave driveways for home health patients.
  • Capital punishment: Abolish the death penalty. Provide moratorium on death penalty while study is conducted of capital punishment's impact.
  • Radar: Allow sheriffs to use radar in certain counties.
  • Elderly drivers: Require vision testing for people 70 and older when renewing driver's licenses. Require driver's license renewal every two years for people over 85.
  • Voter ID: Require people to show identification at the polls.
  • Higher education: Create a separate board for each of the eight state universities.
  • Reading: Require teachers to be trained in phonics instruction.
  • State song: Change from "Go, Mississippi'' to another tune.
  • Sales tax holiday: No sales tax to be charged on certain pieces of clothing during first weekend in August.
  • School districts: Require all school boards to be elected and all school superintendents to be appointed.
  • Official language: Designate English as the official language of state government.

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