Seminar Helps Parents

First Baptist Church in Long Beach is taking a pro-active role to help parents raise their children. Saturday the church hosted a "Parenting Through the Teenage Years" seminar.

"We're finding that fathers spend less than 15 seconds a day in one-on-one, intimate conversations with their children," Dr. Richard Davis said.

Family therapist, Richard Davis explained to a group of local parents the importance of spending quality time with children.

"Certainly our culture in South Mississippi is different than in New York City or Atlanta, New Orleans, whatever. If we will take the time to invest in our kids, to decide that they are a priority and we're going to involve ourselves with them, I think we'll have great results and see some positive changes in our culture," Davis said.

Davis said parents in our communities spend about 40 minutes a week with kids. He urges parents to get to know their children and understand their personality; spending time with the child affirms the worth of the child.

"There are resources in our state that are available, people can find in the phone book, they can find in their churches, their synagogues," Davis said.

"We, as a family as a community, in parenting we need to be more active in our children's lives and we need to be and sometimes put away the friendship idea and be more of the parent to the child," student minister Thomas Edwards said.

Minister of Students at Long Beach Baptist Church, Thomas Edwards has spent the past ten years working with young adults and kids. He said the lack of good parenting can be devastating on a child's development. He hopes parents will seek out ways to simply spend time with their children.

Davis added, if you as a parent aren't taking the time to invest in your child's development, someone else probably is.