Local Housing Authority Needs Tenants To Fill Vacancies

The Mississippi Regional Housing Authority is looking for new tenants, and it's pulling out all the stops to get people to fill area vacancies. Housing officials say if you think public housing has not changed over the years, think again.

Mississippi Regional Housing Authority Spokesman Jesse Billups describes Village Apartments as a public housing site in Gulfport for the elderly and disabled.

"What we're trying to do at Region 8 is to improve our facilities....We've got brand new roofs, new shutters, great paint jobs, the grounds are real nice, nicely kept," said Billups.

This complex as well as others throughout the Coast have been upgraded with what housing officials call "the very best in comfort."

"We're putting central air and heat in all of our units. We're almost finished completing that stage of upgrade. We've also put in new cabinets. In some areas we've totally gutted those old sites and put in new walls all throughout, new windows, new roofing. We've done new refrigerators, stoves, all the amenities," said Billups.

With all of these additions and improvements, the only things left to add are people to enjoy them.

There are vacancies at all of the Region 8 housing sites, and the housing authority wants people to check them out because public housing may not be what you may expect.

"They're gonna find that we have good, quality housing. They'll also find that the areas are pretty quiet. Most people would probably be surprised. Also you'll find a very, very low level of crime. We do have security measures in place so we're doing things to upgrade and improve our housing and we're not gonna stop until we got the best housing in Mississippi.We are not just the old public housing, but the new public housing , and we're doing things to make the community better," said Billups.

There are housing sites in eight counties throughout South Mississippi.

If you would like more information on public housing or you're interested in a particular site, just call 228-863-6272 ext.161.