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Veterans serve their homeless brothers, sisters in arms


Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula has provided for the homeless for nearly 30 years.  On Veterans Day, the meal offered was about more than filling stomachs.

"There's no great nation better than America," said veteran Farrell Williams. "I always say to myself that the biggest commitment a soldier can give is his life, and I want to make sure I show appreciation to the commitment they gave to our freedom."

Williams is a veteran of Afghanistan, and recently retired from the Army.  He knows the struggle of battle and now wants to help with a common struggle on the home front. He and a few friends decided to help out and cook a special barbeque lunch for homeless veterans.

"The women and the men who have served their country here at Our Daily Bread that have to come here for this free food, it's heart breaking. It's humbling.  On this special day, we wanted to help them in some way," said Our Daily Bread Director Mary Elder.

"Vietnam guys and those veterans, WWI and WWII, those guys have paved the way for us. We have done nothing more bigger than they have done.  And, I think they should get the same privilege that we receive," said Williams.

The barbeque may be a small gesture, but volunteers say it's a way to pay respect to every deserving veteran.

"With this set of soldiers coming in to help us pay tribute as well, the gratitude I cannot express," said Elder.

"To all the soldiers, veterans, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, I just want to say thank you for all that you have done and the payment you continue to do for the sake of freedom," said Williams.

Studies show that more than 100,000 veterans are homeless nationwide.

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