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Gov. Barbour calls robocalls 'misleading'


On Thursday night, some of you may have gotten a taped message with Governor Haley Barbour's voice on it.  The message used Barbour's comments on MSNBC about his concerns with Initiative 26.

In that interview, Barbour said he's pro-life and he believe life begins at conception.  "Unfortunately, this personhood amendment doesn't say that," the governor said.  "I am concerned about some of the ramifications."

A day later, the governor's office put out this statement.  "A pro-abortion group has called people's homes and deceived voters into thinking I'm opposed to Initiative 26, the Personhood Amendment. As I've previously stated, I voted for the Personhood Amendment. These misleading calls were made without my knowledge, without my permission and against my wishes. I have demanded this deception be stopped, and those responsible have assured me that no more calls will be made."

Hours before the Thursday robocalls were made, Barbour filled out an absentee ballot.  And he told Mississippi media members he voted for the initiative.

Tonight, Gov. Barbour is in Gulfport, rallying support for Mississippi republicans.  While he's there, we'll ask him about the misleading robocalls.  And we'll post his response on

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