Pinewood Derby Revs Up For The Races

It may not have been the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but the energy was just as high at the 11th annual Pinewood Derby Race Sunday afternoon at the D'Iberville Civic Center.

"This is the culmination of the hottest race of cars all over the coast. We have boys from about 20 different units from the Biloxi Bay district come together and race to see who has the fastest car on the coast," said Pack 212 leader Paul Klobe.

Cub scouts build and race model cars, which are made out of a block of wood, four wheels, and four nails.

They can add weights to give the cars that extra power to blaze down the special tracks, but it can weigh no more than five ounces.

"We decided to put a couple of quarters on this thing. Why? So we can make it spin or go a little faster," said cub scout Thomas Carpenter.

Matthew Brouckaert knows all the tricks of the trade. This is the second year his car has earned the title of the coast's fastest car, and it didn't take long for him to build.

"I'd say one and a half days," said Brouckaert.

But the Pinewood Derby is about more than winning trophies - it's about spending time with family.

"It's a lot of good quality time with your boy, building the car, the anticipation leading up to the races and race day is very exciting obviously. I think it's good for both of us and I think it's good for us together," said Matthew's father Brian Brouckaert.

Even though the Derby has been hosted on the Coast by Pack 212 for 11 years, the first Pinewood Derby was held in California back in 1953.