Fanciers' Cats Prowl In Competition

If you think the Westminster Dog Show is the top of the line, think again. The cats are in town, and they're not playing around at this year's Cat Fanciers Cat Show at the Grand Casino in Gulfport.  This year's cat contestants strutted their stuff in hopes of winning regional awards that could possibly "cat"apult them to the top.

There was not a mouse in sight as frisky felines took center stage at the 27th annual Cat Fanciers Cat Show in Gulfport.

Nearly 200 cats came from near and far to show off freshly trimmed fur, and perhaps a face only an owner could love, all for a coveted southeast regional award.

"I think you come into the world being a born cat lover and they're unique in that they have their own personalities. Cats are intuitive. They're intelligent. They're emotional. They're everything that people are," said Mississippi Cat Fanciers Linda Ferguson.

Like people, they are not all the same and it's their individuality that makes them all winners - like Sugar, who is the cat's meow in Tonya Carey's eye, even though she has six other cats.

"Each one of them is different and special in their own way. But she kind of got a little bit more personality than the others do," said Carey.

The show's judges have a hard task of choosing winners for such categories as the best household cat, the best altered cat, or the best championship class cat...

The contestants range from large to small, wavy to straight-haired, common to rare. Yet they are all beautiful in their own way and they know it.

And by looking many of them at the end of the day, it is tiresome to achieve purr-fection.

Final judging is Sunday from nine-to-four at the Gulfport Grand Casino Activities Pavillion.