Henderson Point Man Wants The County To Replace Stop Signs

A Henderson Point man says the county is ignoring his community, and it could lead to a very dangerous situation.

Paul Guercio has lived in the community, just west of Pass Christian, for about a year and a half. He likes it there, but says, for some inexplicable reason, the county has chosen to neglect the area.

"I would say this is about as bad as it gets.There is no excuse for this."

Guercio took our news crew by one stop sign, that was totally washed out. He also pointed out some street signs and Children at Play signs, that could definitely be replaced. Guercio says a few weeks ago, a driver who did not see one of the stop signs that is very faded, and went right through it, almost hitting Guercio broadside.

Guercio understands the county has to prioritize the work it does, but he feels this is far overdue.

"The way I would put it, if this were a bill due, it is 120 days past due, it needs to be taken care of.''

Guercio says he has contacted the county supervisors, but feels like there has been no response. WLOX News was not able to reach Supervisor Marlin Ladner, whose district includes Henderson Point.