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Gulfport nightclub owner discusses weekend murder


Gulfport Police need the public's help in tracking down a killer. Darcel Anderson, 26, was shot to death on 30th Avenue around three o'clock Sunday morning, directly across the street from Club Sinsations.

Anderson had been out on bond, charged with another murder, when he was gunned down.

When WLOX News first reported on this murder over the weekend, the police officer was interviewed in front of Club Sinsations. Club owners are upset about that, saying their business wasn't related to the nearby, deadly shooting.

"Club Sinsations had absolutely nothing to do with this. And we'd just like for them to take out, or quit interviewing in front of our club, saying Club Sinsations is part of it. We don't have nothing to do with it," said nightclub owner Mr. Magee.

Magee, who didn't want us using his first name, says the shooting happened across the street from his business. He doesn't understand why the club is being implicated and says he's not even sure the victim was inside the club before being shot outside.

"No. I don't think the victim ever made it to the club," said Magee.

But the police say otherwise.

"The victim was inside Club Sinsations prior to the shooting," said Police Chief Alan Weatherford.

The chief says while the club owners may wish to distance themselves from the crime, the connection is clear.

"They are the ones that brought the patrons to that club. There's no other reason at that time of the morning, three o'clock in the morning, to have people hanging out there," said Chief Weatherford.

The Gulfport city councilman who represents the area says regardless of whether the nightclub is linked to this latest violence, he still receives complaints from neighbors who consider the club a nuisance.

"In the past, the club has been linked to a lot of different criminal activity. Murders and things of that nature. And they just have a bad track record. The name has changed, but the environment is still the same," said Kenneth "Truck" Casey.

Neighbor Dennis Alexander was happy when the former Boiler Room Lounge was closed down for being a "public nuisance." He told WLOX News that Club Sinsations is also troublesome.

"We don't ever know when we're going to catch a stray bullet. They park in our alleys. They park everywhere. And this is a small community," said Alexander.

"That's my concern is the constituents and the neighbors adjacent to the club. Because bullets don't have no names. And they can hit anybody at any given time," said Councilman Casey.

"We have done everything the City of Gulfport asked us to do. We hadn't broke any rules, and we're going to continue to operate just like that," said club owner Magee.

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