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The Shed owners get sentimental sauce pots back


The loss of a cooking pot may not sound like a major crime, but police say it is just one more example of metal thefts.

Co-owner of The Shed, Brad Orrison said, "We had it stashed to get ready for our road tour. We are going to bring it on the road and show people how to make some barbeque sauces, and my dad realized it was gone."

The Orrison family left two of their big sauce pots outside behind their business, which Ocean Springs Police Lt. John Flowers says left them a prime target for scrap metal thieves.

Lt. Flowers said, "It only takes a few seconds perhaps as long as a minute to pull up in front of your house, get out, go and grab whatever item they are looking at stealing and throwing it in the bed of a pickup truck."

Flowers says thieves see metal as quick and easy cash.

"Anything can be scrapped, any type of metal and you know the price of scrap metal is up these days," Flowers said.

Luckily as soon as the Orrison family realized their pot was missing, they jumped into action.

Orrison said, "We immediately called the Ocean Springs Police Department and all the scrap yards."

And because of the unusual size and marking on the pots, the news was hopeful.

"A lot of them were confident we would probably find it and sure enough she came home," Orrison said.

But if it was not for the help of the scrap yard, The Shed would not have been so fortunate.

"In this case a responsible business owner took the initiative to come forward with the information to help us solve this crime," Flowers said.

Although this pot is no longer used to make The Shed's famous sauce, the Orrison family say they are very glad to have it back.

"The stories and the overall presence of this pot being in our family really means a lot to us," Orrison explained.

"Poppa Jack taught me how to make that barbeque sauce, and this was his last stir in the pot just hours before he passed away," Orrison said. "So in a way, The Shed is keeping his legend alive every time that we make our barbeque sauce."

The Shed valued the pots at $8,000, but the thieves got just $70 for them at the scrap yard.

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