Apartment Complex Controversy

A proposal to build retirement apartments in Waveland has some people upset. A Baton Rouge developer wants to build an 85 unit complex on five lots he owns on Coleman Avenue. The apartments would include some assisted living units for seniors. The developer needs a zoning change for a parking lot. But opposition to the project continues to mount.

The Bouma family moved to Waveland 11 years ago for a quiet area to raise their children. "I'm definitely concerned about the major influx of all the vehicles that are going to be up and down Terrace Street it's such a small street that I don't think it can accommodate that kind of traffic flow." Said Waveland Resident Tracy Bouma. The Bouma's back yard adjoins the property that would be used for a complex parking lot. She told WLOX NEWS. "We just don't want a major commercial area right next door in our back yard. There parking lot there dumpsters all of their traffic is going to come through my side yard , that's something we don't want to see."

The front of the complex would face Coleman Avenue, business owners on Coleman oppose the project for a different reason. " I think that this street should be business oriented and we should be able to bring more shops down to this area." Said Coleman Avenue Business Owner Scott Blackwell . Kathy Pinn, also a Coleman Avenue Shop Owner echoed Blackwell's words. "The Coalition and me personally as a business owner we have a goal for Coleman Avenue. We've worked real hard this year well for the last four years to bring businesses in we've got 21 businesses right now that are thriving business we've got 5 new ones this year these people have made a big investment in Coleman Avenue."

The Developer Mac Trelles says the independent and assisted living complex will be a first class facility. A 9 million dollar investment that will bring at least 18 jobs to the area. Trelles needs a zoning change on the parking lot property from residential to commercial, something residents and business owners strongly oppose.. They've armed themselves with a petition with more than 116 signatures to begin their fight. Trelles went before the Waveland Planning Commission Monday night to ask for the zoning change he needs. He was turned down.  Now the final decision rests in the hands of county supervisors.