Tourists Filling Up Hotels

The front desk clerks want lots of visitors to sign in for New Years fun on the coast like a  Michigan woman who will ring in the New Year here. "Cause I don't wanna be on the road drivin' back home," she says.

Whatever the reason, hotel owners and managers say New Years is usually a profitible holiday. Hotel Owner San Naqvi says, "Usually the people actually come mostly close to New Years Eve, New Years Eve they come in and they stay a coupla nights." Na-Key says he still has rooms but they're going fast. "We have very good reservations so far, almost 70-percent, we are already got and then the rest will be mostly walk in business because the people are looking for accommodations on the same day."

Hotel Manager Cheryl Henry says she notices people wait until the last minute to book. "We typically get a lot of walk-in business and they do stay for two or three days but this week, this year it does fall in the week again during the week and I think that tends to hurt us versus falling on Friday or Saturday."  But the tourism commission says the reservations appear to be thriving despite the holiday falling on Thursday. Director of Marketing Misty Velasquez says, "From what I understand from our hotel partners and attraction partners we still have a lot of calls and a lot of reservations being made for this holiday coming up. We look forward to it."

Marcia Hill