Workers Put In Overtime to Clean Coast Streets

It's not an unfamiliar sight on the day after Christmas--piles of trash line the streets of South Mississippi after a day of unwrapping holiday surprises. Workers at DisposALL, the trash collection company for most of Jackson County, reported record numbers today. They put in extra time and effort to deal with the trash overload.

DisposALL workers Shorty and Skye had a long day Friday. They started working picking up Christmas trash at 4:30 in the morning.

CN: "So does that make your job a lot harder?"

"Yeah... it makes it really hard," said Skye.

"But we're gonna handle it, though," said Shorty. "We taking care of it."

They're taking care of about 150 tons of trash in Moss Point, Pascagoula, and Gautier--that's almost double compared to what they pick up on a normal day.

"We normally pick up about 80 tons," said Pam McNair, the owner of DisposALL. "Today after Christmas, we're picking up about 150 tons."

"Normally, it's about two loads," said Skye. "Today it will be about three-and-a half."

And workers at DisposALL say businesses don't cause the main trash problem after Christmas--residents do.

"But the real impact on Christmas, is after Christmas when everyone comes home and they unwrap their presents," said McNair. "We've got cardboard. We've got wrapping paper. Those are the things that we have to pick up."

And the rise in trash isn't something that's unexpected at this time of year.

"We actually plan for it," said McNair. "We had to put two extra trucks on, and we tell all our men that we're not finished until we're finished, so everybody has to go help everybody else out."

So when Shorty and Skye finished their route twelve hours later, they went around the corner to help out their co-workers.

"It just makes it a longer day," said Shorty.

But it's time well spent to keep the Jackson County neighborhoods "picked up."

Normally, the company runs six routes across Jackson County. Today they ran ten routes and still finished more than three hours behind schedule.