Saucier Family Loses Home And Patience

All that is left of the McLemore's Christmas is a burned down home.

Smoke-filled toys in the front yard, and a place they have called home for years still cooling off from a Friday afternoon disaster.

"My wife and I were watching TV in the living room and the little girl was missing for a few minutes and she normally plays in that front bedroom where it started.I seen the smoke come out of the door when I kicked the door open , the smoke kind of hit me in the face. So I ran out, I thought the baby was in there, but thank god she wasn't. She was outside at the time. I called the fire department, I called 911, told them the address, told them I needed a fireman, my house was burning," said David McLemore.

They also called the nearby fire station for help - the Lizana Fire and Rescue.

Even though the station is only a few minutes away, the first firefighter arrived 45 minutes later.

"We got a fire station right up here that nobody mans and they're paid firemen that works that fire station. It's a holiday. They're off. Probably could have saved my house if it had been somebody at that fire station," said McLemore.

He says the first truck to arrive was a volunteer firefighter from the Saucier Fire Department.

It took a while for him to drive from his home and get a fire truck out to the McLemores.

But McLemore says he wouldn't have had to drive that far, had there been someone right around the corner.

We could not get in touch with Chief George Mixon of the Lizana Fire and Rescue.

Luckily, no one was injured in the fire, but the McLemore family lost everything, so if you would like to help, please call 228-831-0392.