Shoppers Hit Stores To Return Christmas Gifts

At times, the line stretched out to the door. To speed up the wait and ease the confusion, store clerks were stationed to help direct traffic. The Wal-Mart Super Center in Gulfport set up a zone, reserved for people who want to return or exchange gifts that just weren't right.

Louis Brewer has been handing refunds for the store for 17 years.

"We get it all back. It's just a variety of everything, something's too small, something's too big, something's broken, wasn't the right thing. It's just the day after Christmas, the same every year."

Cheryl Bailey bought her grandsons a car DVD player for their trip back to Georgia, but it needs to go back to Santa's workshop.

"It didn't work. The television screen was fine, and the game system was good on it, but they couldn't watch the movies."

Michael Maston tried on his coveralls Christmas morning, but it didn't fit.

"It's too small. My girlfriend bought it for me, but I told her the wrong size."

And then, there were folks like April Bernaquer. The elves forgot to put something very important in her Spa Bath Mat Set.

"When I tore the tape and all off, the mat wasn't there. I was so depressed."

Her sister, Mary Wertz, bought the gift for April.

"She just grabbed a hold of it, and was crying and rocking, and my husband goes it's ok, it's ok."

Shoppers have one comforting thought on the day after Christmas, they can always take it back. Stores and malls expect the crowds to be even bigger on Saturday, when more people are off work. It usually takes about two weeks for people to take care of all their returns and exchanges.