Last Minute Shoppers Hit The Malls

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the stores the last minute shoppers rushed to finish their gift buying chores. With many businesses closing early this Christmas Eve, procrastinators hit malls and shopping centers in full force on Wednesday. Not surprisingly many of them were men who could no longer say "I'll do it tomorrow."

The Holiday shopping season may have been winding down but around noon on Christmas Eve, Wayne Duhe and his son Brian were just getting started. The Duhes had been shopping for10 minutes.

"I usually wait until the last minute. Not really this last minute though."

Ronnie Gaspard is also cutting it close this year. Since his wife does most of the shopping, his only responsibility is to buy for her.

"Just really didn't know what to come and buy. Just figure I'd come and walk around the mall and see if I would see something that would catch my eye and purchase it for my wife," said Gaspard.

To be fair not all of the men we met were procrastinators. Some just came out hoping to catch a sale. However, most admitted that at one time or another they'd spent Christmas Eve searching for gifts.

Phillip Wiley says "it's because we do better under pressure that's why we wait until the last minute."

As for the Duhes, 10-year-old Brian has decided not to follow in his father's last minute shopping footsteps.

"It's lazy and it's hard to find a gift because most of the stuff is gone."