Favre Family Gathers To Remember ''Big Irv''

The Favre family will say goodbye to the family's patriarch Wednesday. Irvin Favre will be laid to rest. He died Sunday of a massive heart attack.

Irvin Favre loved football, but even more so, he loved his family. Besides his four children, Irvin and Bonita Favre have six grandchildren.

Their oldest son, Scott Favre, says one day he will tell his two year old son Max, about the grandfather little Max was just getting to know.

"I did not realize the meaning of a dad until I had a son. Now it has a totally different meaning. Now, I can look back on those times and think, he was a great dad," Favre said.

Scott Favre says the Dad he will remember was firm and tough, but also loving and kind. The Favres are a very close family, through the good times and the bad. These next few days, they will lean on one another.

Irvin Favre was only 58 years old. His oldest son says he can't help but think of those times when he and the rest of the family will so desperately wish his dad were still here.

"I know Dad would have loved to see Brett finish his career. I hate he won't do that. Also there will be a time when Brett goes into the Hall of Fame, and I may be going out on a limb here, but Dad would have been the one to give the speech. It is tough,'' Scott Favre added, while fighting back tears.

No doubt, Irvin Favre is a man who will not be forgotten, by friends and family.