Families Fly Home For Festive Holiday Celebrations

For four year old Scott Jones and his mom Carol, sitting in the airport lobby was just like waiting for people to wake up on Christmas morning.

"He's been waiting all day for it to be 1:00 so he could come and see his Aunt Rita," his mom said.

Aunt Rita was one of the arriving passengers at Gulfport Biloxi International Airport.

"See her?" Scott's mother asked. "Go get her. Go get her."

At that moment, Santa's little elf dashed toward his aunt and gave her a huge holiday hug.

"Yes it is. It's very nice, huh Scotty," Aunt Rita said, smiling from ear to ear.

Sis was just as happy.

"We're excited about having my sister coming to stay with us for the next week," Mrs. Jones said. "And the kids are really excited."

The airport's lobby and baggage claim areas had an assortment of families coming together for Christmas.

Mark Hourihan got to hang out with his grandparents, Phil and Eleanor Brockington. They flew to Gulfport from New Jersey. To Mrs. Brockington, being with family was so important.

"It leaves me speechless. It's the most wonderful thing for me. It's part of what life is all about. Just being with family."

Families spending Christmas together. It's the kind of present Aunt Rita's little nephew won't try to return.