Broke Spoke Mourns The Loss Of ''Big Irv"

Brett Favre has faced some pretty tough challenges in his life, but never anything like what he faced Monday night. The Green Bay Packers quarterback took the field, with a heavy heart.

Sunday afternoon, Brett's biggest fan, his dad Irvin, died of a massive heart attack. Somehow, Brett Favre had one of the greatest games of his career, passing for four touchdowns and more than 300 yards in a big win against the Oakland Raiders.

At the Broke Spoke lounge in the Kiln, they were watching Brett, just like they do every Packer's game. But, this time it was different.

The man they all called "Big Irv," wasn't there. He would stop by to see friends at least every week. Co-owner Mabel Haas said Irv was like family. The folks at the Broke Spoke say it won't be the same without Big Irv around.

Monday night, it was a sad evening, as those gathered there reflected on the legacy of friendship that Irvin Favre leaves behind. But, just as Irv was known for his toughness, they also spent the night admiring the toughness and intestinal fortitude of his son.

Monday night, Brett again made Big Irv mighty proud.