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No Problems At Airport Despite Heightened Security

The Stephenson's are dreaming of a white Christmas in Colorado and they patiently waited for the transportation security agents to check out what's in their bags.

"I expected it to be a bit more difficult than it was. It's fine and traveling through Gulfport airport's always great. I'd hate to go to New Orleans or somewhere," says Darren Stephenson.

The heightened terrorism alert may have caused long lines and delays at some of the country's bigger airports, but those flying in and out Gulfport had to wait only a few minutes.

Janet Flick says, "It's really, I mean there's nobody here and it's real fast."

Lauren Singletary, who was flying to Memphis and then to Chicago, said, "Maybe a little bit, a few longer lines in the security check and with the metal detectors, but things that I think are necessary at this time."

Transportation security agents say people can pass through security much faster if they follow a few tips.

"They can make sure all the metal items that they have, put them in their carry on luggage. Any gifts they're bringing, make sure they're unwrapped. Along those lines they can expect to see maybe more patrols and increased security around the airport," says Greg Dion.

Passengers say they don't mind anything the airport does to keep people safe.

"Naw, I'm for it as long as it keeps them from blowing up the plane," says Flick.

James O'Brien, flying to Nebraska, says, "I expected this. After 9/11 it's gonna be like this for a long time."

byMarcia Hill

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