Shoppers Tell Their Wants For Christmas

Every corner of Edgewater Mall was bumper-to-bumper with people looking for holiday toys for the good little girls and boys in their lives.

And it was definitely a struggle this last weekend before Christmas.

But we wanted to make it easier for some of you.

We asked some shoppers what they wanted for the big day in case you're shopping for them.

Some folks are pretty easy to please this season.

"A nice family Christmas. I don't really want for much. Just a nice family Christmas," said Mitzi Creel.

"Love throughout my whole family. Nothing material? Nothing material. Just love," said Brandon Fantroy.

"At the top of my list, I'm doing fine. I don't need anything for Christmas," said Robert McCorvey.

And then there are the others who will milk the holiday for all that it's worth.

"I love rings, necklaces, earrings. Whatever my husband gets me. Diamonds. Diamonds. Girls best friend," said Brenda McCorvey.

"I want a girl rat and a boy rat on a motorcycle and they have it here at the mall. And what do you want? A Barbie," said sisters Kiana and Alayne Chapman.

"I want black and white converse shoes, and a spiked belt. I already have a car so whatever my parents want to get me for my car," said Julie Finch.

"A purse is what I'm searching for but I can't find it. It's a Dooney and Burke," said Jama Wells.

"Pet shop Barbie and Barbie Sea Splash and I forgot the other one," said Madison Costanza.

Many Americans say that more than anything, they want things they can use this Christmas.

Similar to past years, electronics, jewelry, clothing and gift certificates are some of the top items this season.

But no matter what your wish, we hope they are granted for an even merrier holiday.