Students And Teachers Get Ready To Say Goodbye At DuKate

This was the final day of school at DuKate Elementary in Biloxi, until students return in January. Not only is it a fun time, it's also a nostalgic time.

Teachers had a chance to reflect during an afternoon party, after the kids had gone home for the day. The school will close at the end of the school year. In August 2004, students and teachers will go to school at the new DuKate Elementary.

Kelly Pennell is the school's librarian. Her mother and dad both went to DuKate, and her dad was even the principal there. Pennell says, it will be tough to leave, however, she knows the time will soon be here.

In the afternoon, after their party, teachers had a chance to tour the new school they will move into next year. The original DuKate, built more than 60 years ago, has been damaged by hurricanes and fires. It's fate is unknown at this point, but come the end of the school year, the tired old lady, can rest.