Portofino Condo Project Gains Additional Floors

A unanimous vote gave Portofino developers the go-ahead to add two more floors to the future condominium project. But the new high rise will be no higher than allowed.

Earlier this year, the Biloxi planning commission set a height restriction due to safety concerns for nearby Keesler Air Force Base.

"This allows us to add two more floors that will not exceed 110 feet above mean sea level. So six floors, two floors, it's a 90 foot building and we will grade the property to a maximum height of 20 feet to its highest point, and then construct the building to a maximum height of 90 feet. There will nothing on top of the building to penetrate the floor of the military air space," said real estate developer Ben Favret.

Favret says the two new floors in each of the two towers would bring the total number of condominiums to 56, which would be a financial step-up for everyone involved.

And though it's been a long road for the Portofino development to even reach this point, Favret says it has been worth it.

"Even though we didn't agree on a lot of things, and still perhaps don't agree on some things, the city of Biloxi is a very nice place to do business in," said Favret.

Favret hopes to break ground on the project in June.