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Give the gift of life with one click of a mouse


Here's a chance for South Mississippi to show a young New Jersey couple what a close and supportive community we are.

The Costellos are both active duty Air Force stationed at Keesler. A devastating diagnosis pushed these childhood sweethearts to Facebook where they're asking for your vote to help them conceive a child.

"We would be great parents," Kyle and Ashley Costello said. "We love each other; he's my best friend. We joined the military together. We got through that, we did, so we can get through anything."

But when Ashley and Kyle tried to start the large family they always dreamed of, they got the heartbreaking diagnosis of infertility.

"We've tried for as long as we've been married, and finally we had to see a fertility specialist, because we have some issues."

Fertility treatments are extremely costly, and not covered by most insurance carriers. So, the young couple turned to social media for help. Ashley put videos with her dog on YouTube. Kyle even poured his heart out in an original song with the hook line, "We need a baby, so we don't go crazy, treating our dogs like kids."

They say they'll do anything to push people to their fertility clinics' Facebook page to help them win an online contest.

"The person who gets the most 'likes' will win $10,000 worth of fertility treatments, which is a lot when you're talking multiple treatments and you've been doing this for a while and the costs are mounting."

But they're determined not to let money get in the way of their life long dream of parenthood.

"Always, ever since I was little, yes, I wanted kids," Ashley said. "I think when we started dating, we thought maybe eight."

But for now, they'll settle for one.

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