Developer Gets Approval For St. Andrew's Plans

Work on a $200 million residential development in Jackson County's St. Andrews community could start in the next few months.

Monday, after a lengthy debate, members of the Board of Supervisors gave their approval to a zoning change for the South Marsh plantation. The discussion started at 9:30 in the morning, but at 3pm, they were still talking.

To get the zoning change he wanted, developer Frank Johnson needed to prove the St. Andrew's community had changed over the years. While he argued it had, others said the character of the community has not. Finally, after hours of discussion, the vote was four to one, in favor of the zoning change.

It will include 1200 acres and some 1200 homes. They will be both single and multi family. The plans will be done in several phases over the next eight to ten years.

Johnson will also shut down St. Andrews golf course and renovate it. At the same time, he will build a new 18 hole golf course.

Developer Frank Johnson moved to the Coast from South Carolina, about six months ago. He says he is convinced this area has tremendous potential.