Post Offices Packed On Busiest Mailing Day

It wasn't rain, sleet or snow that kept mail carriers across the country on their toes on Monday. It was the long lines at the post office. The Postal Service proclaimed December 15th as its busiest day of the year. Experts estimate 280 million holiday cards and letters would go out and that's not including the packages.

Standing at the end of a line so long you can't tell where it starts might prompt some people to leave and come back later, but not Elizabeth Ramsey.

"Just something we have to just do," she said.

Elizabeth Ramsey's and her friend Ruth Seymour needed stamps to mail their Christmas cards.

"If we were early, we wouldn't have had to stand in line," said Ramsey.

Being an early bird wouldn't have helped on Monday. From the moment the doors opened, postal workers say the customers kept coming.

Carolyn Rowen has spent many holiday seasons waiting at the post office.

"In December, the lines are like this every day. It doesn't matter what time of day you come, they're always like this."

Ten minutes after she arrived, I found Elizabeth Ramsey still waiting. She'd made it to the halfway point.

"I've got plenty of patience because I don't have anything to do but go eat and cleaning up. I'm not to anxious finish cleaning up."

Fifteen minutes after they started, Ramsey and Seymour got what they were after. Not a bad wait to make sure your holiday cards and packages arrive on time.

Mail carriers will deliver 147 million packages this holiday season. Postal workers say to get first class mail to its destination before Christmas it should be sent by Tuesday. Priority and Express mailing will cost customers more.