Coast Military "Elated" Over Saddam Capture

Jerod Murphy got shot in the elbow while his U.S. Marine Corps unit was pushing its way through the heart of Iraq. Murphy was elated by the news that Saddam Hussein was in U.S. custody. "He was caught like the rat that he is," the Marine said.

Out at the Gulfport Seabee base, Marines didn't hid their disdain for Saddam Hussein -- or their joy about his capture.

Zach Schudrowitz was part of the Marine deployment in Iraq when the war started. Sunday's news made him feel like his service made a difference. "When I heard about it, I just thought score one for the good guys," Schudrowitz said. "We did our job. And all the Army units and the Marines still over there, they finished it. Mission accomplished."

Sgt. Murphy looked ahead to the next phase of this story. "It's great that he's finally in custody and he's finally going to stand trial," he said. "I hope they make it as public and as humiliating as possible for him."

The Marines spent the beginning of the war in Amtraks similar to the one's parked behind their Gulfport maintenance shop.

NMCB 133 was also in Iraq, building a new way of life for the Iraqi people. John Carroll was with the battalion. "Most of what we did was refurbish his country from a major war," he remembered. "Now we know it's actually going to stand. He isn't going to come back and take away from his people what we gave them."

The Marines invited a handful of Gulfport Seabees to maintenance shed, so they could reminisce about the minutes right after the world first heard, "We got him."

Seabee Nakia Moreno was at work, when a colleague broke the news to her. "I was like are you serious," she said. "And she was like yes, they found him in a hole. I was real happy about it."

Sergio Sanchez remembered Iraqis spitting on money with Saddam's picture on it. "I'm glad. I'm happy," he said of the capture. "I can't wait until our troops are coming back home because we are here. We got to make it back. And I hope everyone else makes it."