Mother Talks About Son In Tikrit

Saddam's hideout was raided by 600 4th Infantry Division solders and special forces. Specialist Michael Spadoni is a member of the 4th I.D. and is stationed in Tikrit.

Maggie Pittinger hasn't seen her son in more than two years. Before going to Tikrit he served in Korea. She doesn't know what role her son had in the raid, but mother's intuition is telling her that her son is a hero.

"First thing I did when I got up and got dressed was put his picture on. I'm like a rooster with my chest poked out all day, I'm just so proud," Pittinger said.

Maggie Pittinger of Pass Christian has a feeling that her son helped catch Saddam.

"I just know that he was one of the ones that helped capture Saddam Hussein. I've called my sisters and my brothers and I've been on the phone all day talking to everyone and letting them know, everyone is so proud of him," Pittinger said.

Specialist Michael Spadoni works on Appache and Blackhawk helicopters as part of the 4th I.D.

"He's right in the middle of it. He goes out on missions every night, just about, so it's one of those things it's very dangerous it worries me," Pittinger said.

Pittinger keeps in contact with her son through the phone and email. She said morale has been low, and troops in Tikrit feel Baghdad troops are getting all the recognition--until now.

"Now I am sure it is through the roof. I'm sure they're walking around still not being able to sleep," Pittinger said.

Pittinger doesn't usually watch the news because she worries about her son, but Sunday she was glued to the set.

"I've been watching TV all day, looking to see for him, if I see his face or something, I know he's in that picture some where. I'll tell anyone who listens that my son is a hero," Pittinger said.

Maggie Pittinger is anxiously awaiting to hear from her son, and get his side of the story. Saddam has been taken to Qatar. It is unclear whether he'll face an Iraqi tribunal for war crimes.